About the Clinic

Clinic of Professor Asymbekova (CPA) was established in 2003. It maintains the certificate and license from the Ministry of Health. The clinic employs over 60 staff members including many accomplished professors, doctors, obstetricians-gynecologists, neonatologists, pediatricians, anesthesiologists, therapists, allied-health professionals, midwives, and nurses.

Our clinical treatments are based on international standards from the leading foreign medical institutions. We provide complete care for our patients: prior to conception, during pregnancy and delivery, and through the early postpartum period (first 40 days after birth). Additionally our pediatricians provide care for children from birth until the age of 18. All necessary assessments and tests are performed within our clinic. Patients may select their personal physician from our group of specialists who can oversee the pregnancy and perform their delivery.

CPA is proud to offer our patients new and cutting-edge technology in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, including the treatment of infertility. We provide treatment options for women who experience difficulty conceiving, and if necessary we can perform In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) or surgery. Our physicians care for patients throughout the process. Our clinic has performed many specialized operations in the field of gynecology, including organ-saving operations for ectopic pregnancy working to preserve the ovaries and uterus, as well as laparoscopic and hysteroscopic procedures. After the acute post-operative recovery period our physicians will continue to manage patients as needed and with annual follow-up visits.

Around the clock medical care is provided at CPA by an on-call team of eight staff members comprising: obstetrician-gynecologists, neonatologists, midwives, and nurses. When necessary, an operating team can be deployed within 10 minutes. Our highly-trained resuscitator-anesthesiologist and operating room staff can perform urgent operative services as needed. In addition to the on-call team, we also have specialists that provide care in the maternity unit, postpartum unit, pregnancy pathology, and intensive care unit.

At our institution consulting services are provided by Associate Professor L.S. Terentyeva MD PhD, a founder and leading specialist of modern gynecologic and obstetrical care in Kyrgyzstan. She also specializes in pathologic cervical problems.

Professor G.U. Asymbekova MD, PhD personally attends to complicated deliveries and emergency conditions. Her extensive work and research includes the development and implementation of a national protocol for "Emergency Conditions", thus reducing maternal mortality in Kyrgyzstan in 1999-2001.

Clinical work is also supervised by Associate Professor T.A. Sarymsakova MD, PhD. She developed the protocol and implemented into clinical practice standards for vaginal birth after previous cesarean section delivery complicated by uterine scarring. T.A. Sarymsakova defended her scientific research thesis on the topic: "Deliveries in women with uterine scarring."

D.K. Iglikov MD is the Chief Doctor at the clinic. He is highly specialized in ultrasound technique, utilizing Doppler ultrasound equipment to analyze the sufficiency of maternal and fetal blood flow. He defended his thesis on the topic: "Treatment of pre-eclampsia”.
Associate Professor F.I Imankazieva, MD has extensive experience in the management of women with various gynecological diseases.
Anesthesiology and Intensive Care facilities: N.D. Tokobayev MD, PhD is a nationally renowned anesthesiologist specializing in obstetrics. He has a long history of experience and great technical skill in spinal anesthesia (epidural anesthesia).
Our leading experts in neonatology are N.I. Aldoshina MD and J.B. Botbaeva MD, PhD. The neonatologists provide immediate emergency resuscitation and care for the newborn. All required neonatal and pediatric vaccinations are provided in the clinic, and birth certificates are issued as well. Pediatric care at the clinic is supervised by the well-known pediatrician E.M. Shavkeevoy MD.

CPA also has a center of MVA (manual vacuum aspiration) - a safe abortion before 12 weeks of gestation. Our specialists are among the first in the country to receive international certificates and training for MVA and medical abortion, and to introduce these services in Kyrgyzstan. This is currently a joint project with international organizations.

Our clinic is the premiere location in Kyrgyzstan for in vitro fertilization (IVF). We are proud to offer this service that has made a huge number of families happy to be parents.

CPA has its own clinical and biochemical laboratory equipped with the very latest technology. Every 6 months on our own initiative the clinic conducts sanitary epidemiological control measures. Swabs are taken and medical instruments are tested for sterility. Results of these tests are available to all.

We believe that the physician-patient relationship is a contract that begins at our first meeting, and within which the patients’ interests are protected above all else. At CPA our team of expert physicians and experienced staff members are ready to provide compassionate care for you and your family.